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About Us

ReThink Tech Foundation was formed from a passion for Information Technology and a vision to help in bridging the technological gap between developed and developing worlds -specifically Liberia in West Africa.  The growth and reach of Information Technology have been massive and continue to grow each year with breakthrough in different sectors or areas of technologies. From the introduction of the world first desktop computers to the internet or .com boom.


In developed countries we see how Information Technology have been used and is currently been use to transform our ways of life in every aspect. From how we(consumers) buy, learn, work, play, interact, how (governments, businesses etc.) are using Information Technology to improve how they conduct business, provide information, conduct research, provide services and etc.

We at ReThink Tech Foundation,  believe that Information Technology, is a driver of economic growth and can be a major piece of the pie in helping to elevate poverty and improving the quality of life for individuals and citizens in the developing world. It is against this background that ReThink Tech Foundation was founded.

We are a non-profit ICT organization, focused on bridging the digital divide in West Africa.  We provide customized solutions and collaborate with local communities and partners to create lasting change. Our work includes providing computer literacy training, setting up technology centers, and developing software solutions.


Pictures from the conference held on March 29, Sanniquellie City

Our unwavering belief in the transformative power of technology guides our mission towards a brighter, and more inclusive future.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission at ReThink Tech Foundation is empowering people of all ages for sustainable Information Technology growth and development through awareness, access to resources and skills training. This we strongly believed will help in elevating poverty and improving the lives of individuals and citizens of developing countries.

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Our Vision

Bridging the Information Technology divide and making technologies accessible to all… 

The TEAM in the studio of Radio Nimba in Sanniquellie City, March 27, 2023

Helping to create a better future for all

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