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Ongoing work
Ongoing work

Empowering the Future with ICT

Welcome to the ReThink Tech Foundation's transformative campaign! We are on a mission to bring the power of modern technology to the heart of Sanniquellie, Liberia, and we need your support.

Why It Matters:

In today's digital age, digital literacy isn't just a skill; it's essential for success. By supporting this project, you're not only granting access to critical technology resources but also empowering individuals to:

  1. Learn: The ICT lab provides educational programs and training, ensuring both students and adults can acquire essential digital skills.

  2. Connect: Internet access connects them to the global community, expanding horizons and opening doors to new opportunities.

  3. Innovate: With the right tools, innovation can thrive. Your support helps local entrepreneurs and inventors turn ideas into reality.

How You Can Help:

  1. Donate Cash: Your financial contribution directly funds the ICT Lab's creation. Every dollar counts and takes us closer to our goal.

  2. Donate Equipment: If you have gently-used computers, peripherals, or other ICT gear, consider donating to help equip the lab effectively. Your contribution transforms lives.

We are a 501(c)(3) organization. Your contributions are tax deductable. 

Work in progress at the IT Lab in Sanniquellie city

Ongoing work
Ongoing work
Ongoing work
Modern Computer_Lab

ReThink Tech in section,and  construction

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